When her favorite professor plummets 441 feet to his death can Felicity prove that it is not suicide but murder?

With the help of Grace, a no-nonsense professor, and her elderly neighbor, Rose, Felicity sets out to show that not every fall from a bridge is what it seems.

The Story 


Grace finds Felicity crying on the Clifton Suspension Bridge the day after beloved professor, Gerard Harrington, fell to his death. The friendship that evolves for these women challenges each of them but, in the end there is strength in differences. Here are three of the wonderful characters in this book.

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Attending film school in Bristol has never been so dramatic! When film professor Gerard Harrington falls from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, student Felicity and fellow professor Grace explore the shady streets of Bristol to find his killer, visiting tea shops, mansions, and pubs along the way. 

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Adrift: Book 2 of the Grace & Felicity Mystery Series

Grace wants nothing more than some time by the sea to rejuvenate and reconnect with her husband, Phillip. On her daily early morning seaside walks she crosses paths with an older woman, a well-known artist and former swimmer, who is painting seascapes in the early morning light. When the artist disappears and the police dismiss it as an accidental drowning, Grace becomes embroiled in solving a crime based on long-standing family secrets and greed. Felicity takes a break from her budding film career and comes to Whitby to help. DCI Herbert Dunstable makes a surprising appearance.

Pretension: Book 3 of the Grace & Felicity Mystery Series

Two weeks before the opening of Felicity’s first film, she goes to visit her childhood friend, Trevor, in the Cumbrian Lake District. Expecting a peaceful weekend alone with Trevor, Felicity is dismayed to find the house filled with pretentious guests. Determined to make do, Felicity stays. When she comes into the kitchen for a glass of warm milk before going to bed, she finds Trevor standing over his Aunt Mary’s body with blood on his hands and no memory of what happened. Trevor, who has experienced a lifetime sadness in his 25 years, needs her to help prove that he did not murder Aunt Mary, the woman who raised him. In a panic, Felicity calls on Grace for help. Grace overcomes her intense dislike of the Lake District and together the two women discover how even good intentions, warped by jealousy, can end in murder.